Wallpaper! (and not the computer kind)

7 months.  I have been driven to do this.  I wake up every morning with new ideas and I’m aching to get started.  Where does it come from?  I have never felt more satisfied or happy.  I’m not saying I don’t love doing my photography, but this is different.  It’s a labor of love. This is what people mean when they don’t see their work as work.  7 months from an inkling of an idea to this, an online store which to date has had almost 3300 visitors and 15,000 hits.  Sales and happy customers too. I could see it all happening back in June and all I had to do was follow the path.

I had an idea that these drawings would also make fabulous wallpaper and here’s the big news. I am so happy to be able to officially announce The White Cabinet’s partnering with the seriously trendy Flavor Paper to create some of the very coolest wallpaper on the planet.  This has been in the offing for several months and now the contracts are signed and the fun work begins.  In addition to incorporating the illustrations that are on the site (and some to be on the site in the near future!  No, you haven’t seen them all…), they also want to use some newly discovered drawings that Lisa Pines, my very best friend since I was 4,  had stored away in her flat files.  One thing that mom loved were paper dolls.  She had them as a child and created them as an adult.  We found 3 different sets – Native Costumes From Around the World


Girl from Holland


and here’s one from Historical Costumes


Edwardian Period - This was my favorite as a kid


and Literary Figures all from books little girls used to read.  I wonder if they still do?


Amy from Little Women


Jon at Flavor Paper really loved these.  I think they may have an incredibly creative and unusual way to use them.  Right now it’s a secret…

It’s all happening.  Oh, and now we have notecards.  And I see wrapping paper and tissue paper in our future and maybe…. who knows? Anything is possible.



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