Two New Ladies Showing Off

Two new models have been added to the collection -Thea and Taylor.  Two totally different women, both making a bold statement.

First Thea.


That Girl!

Thea was born in 1937 and always wanted to be a career girl.  She attended Smith College as an Art History major.  After graduating, she moved to New York City and got a part time job selling admission tickets at the Museum of Modern Art.  De Kooning made a pass at her there which both scared and excited her.  She always was an optimistic and it showed in how she carried herself.  One of her friends posed for fashion illustrators and thought Thea would be perfect.  Here she is in as truthful a portrait as you ever will find.  Her whole life is before her.  She has great confidence in all that she will attain.  She wants to be taken seriously, but is also looking for some fun adventure.  And she will never travel anywhere without her hatbox and black gloves.

And Taylor


Changing Times

Taylor wasn’t a model by trade.  She was one of mom’s neighbors.  When this outfit arrived at the apartment,  the scheduled model was a no show.   Taylor was happy to fill in.  Styles were starting to change.  The straight dramatic look of the 1920’s was starting to creep into 1960’s fashion.  Taylor was an interior decorator and saw furniture also becoming sleek and sculptural.  She loved Knoll especially.  She had a tiny studio apartment with a large round white dining table and chairs all growing out of their pedestal bases.  It was her splurge.   She would sit at that table and see her client’s apartments becoming living  3d abstract paintings with furniture that the world had never seen before.  She was bold and took control of a room but made the occupants feel like they had made all the decisions.  She was to become a great success.



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