I had the good fortune to have a booth at a local Women’s Expo yesterday.  As the crowds entered the room, invariably many stopped to look at Mom’s work.  I’d  watch  them stand and kind of drift off in thought. Then they’d turn to me and tell me the memories that came back to them.

“My sister used to have a coat just like that one, the one with the fur collar. It’s a swing coat. She was a lot older than I was.  But I remember our parents getting us all new outfits to wear at Easter.  Times were different then.”

“My mother was a dressmaker and she made clothing just like this.”

“I went to school for this. There was a public school in Brooklyn that specialized in fashion. That’s what I wanted to do many years ago.  I ended up becoming a nurse.”

“My grandmother made dresses for top designers.  She designed them and they took the credit.  But that was what happened in those days especially if you’re a women just off the boat from Italy”

“Remember those fox stoles that still had the head on the animal?  The mouth was the clasp and it sat on the shoulders?  Awful!”

“My mother looked just like that.  She was beautiful.”

I’ve seen this business take off in the matter of a couple of years.  And I think this is why.  I watched these people look at the drawings and they are not present. They are back in time to a happy place.  They can go there anytime by purchasing a simple card.  

Who says there’s no time travel?  I’ve been doing it everyday…


One thought on “Traveling

  1. Maryann

    I enjoyed speaking with you at the Expo and love looking at the pieces that I bought from you. I love the vintage fashion illustrations and what you are doing with them to honor your mother’s talent. The one notecard reminds me of the model Lisa F. P. that we spoke of.


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