A Bit of Bragging

  I hope I’m not repeating myself too much, as I’ve posted elsewhere about this, but I just wanted to remind everyone that there has been a wonderful article written about us in today’s (2/9/14) Newsday. Newsday, by the way, is the premier newspaper on Long Island, New York. We are the cover of the LI Life section!  Claudia Gryvatz Copquin has written about me, Mom and The White Cabinet.  She’s a great writer and has really captured the spirit of why I started the whole thing.  So if you’re in the New York area, pick up a copy or go online to read all about us!! Fashionable Treasures from The White Cabinet by Claudia Gryvatz Copquin  

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A Shared Birthday

Mom was an avid crossword puzzler.  Or possibly fanatic would be a better word. She did the Sunday NY Times puzzle in ink. For those of you not in the NY area, this is the pinnacle of crosswords.  It’s a Sunday thing to sit down with some coffee and a pen (or pencil for those not quite so bold) and spend the day happily toiling over the squares and clues. Much to my surprise, I found out that Mom and her beloved crossword puzzles had something in common – their birthday was one day apart.  She was born December 22, 1913 in Brooklyn and it was first published in the New York World (in New York as well) December 21... Continue Reading »

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Naughty or Nice

Either way, here you go… and remember, our limited edition prints, like Marilyn center above, are $25 off until December 31.  Sale on other items as well.  You must order by December 12 to get delivery by Christmas.

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Shop Small

It’s here.  Small Business Saturday.  We’re small but have big goals.  I wanted Mom’s work to be seen world wide and it’s happening.  Now’s your chance to have one of Hilda’s gals grace your home.  Our invitations and place mats are all on sale. Perfect for your vintage party.  AND our 9″x12″ limited edition prints are all $25 off.  And because it’s, Small Business Saturday if you have a minimum $10 purchase on our site and pay with an eligible Amex Card, you’ll get a $10 credit on your next statement.  So please visit The White Cabinet. Our sale ends 12/31/13. Thanks everyone for another great year. It’s been a dream come true!  

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Meet the New Gal

Here’s the newest member of the collection.  Her name is Silka c. 1964.  All of the drawings are named after Mom’s models, friends and family.  Silka was my grandmother. Mom’s mom.  Unlike this willowy drawing, Silka was 4’10” and quite stocky.  But she exuded the confidence seen here.  She was born in 1883 in a town called Little Constantine near Kiev Russia.  When she was 15, she started a business making corsettes.  She and my Grandpa Lazar immigrated to the US in 1904.  She wasn’t happy here and longed to go back.  Lazar agreed and they did, but upon returning after a while, she realized she had made a mistake and in 1907, they returned and settled in Brooklyn.  She... Continue Reading »

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A Class Reunion and Norman Norell

I was at my 37th high school reunion this past weekend.  I rekindled a friendship with Cathy Morrow, now an interior designer in Atlanta.  Cathy lived on 80th street and I could see her apartment windows from my own. We were on 81st.  She and I never knew that both our mothers were in the fashion industry until last weekend! Her mother, Clare Eggleston Morrow, was a model for the famous designer Norman Norell. (One of my very favorite coats is a Norell.  I will never give it up, even though it’s showing some wear these days.  Off white wool, A line with big black buttons and a raw silk lining. Ahh…But I digress…) In the iconic photo above by... Continue Reading »

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If You’re in NYC…

I am honored to be giving a talk about Mom at a fashion illustration event at the famous Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). This is a sketch class for fashion illustrators and I will be interviewed at 2:30, August 17.  If you’re in the area, please stop by.  There’s no fee to listen.  I’ll also be bringing some of our products and they will be for sale. Here are the details: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/7742149979/efbevent And we will also be showing the collection at the Kitchen Papers booth at NY Now (formerly the NYIGF).  Booth 3054.  I’ll be there from August 18-20. It’s going to be an exciting week!

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Celebrate Hilda’s Big Day

August 4, 1958, Hilda was in Doctor’s Hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan giving birth to me, her only child. She was almost 45 years old and had been married 20 years. She decided she wanted a child and had no worries that there would be any problems. Nowadays, this is a much more common occurrence, but 55 years ago, it was almost unheard of. Mom was a ground breaker in many ways. I can’t believe that I am 55 years old.  In my mind, I’m 25 years younger.  And people say that I don’t look my age, whatever 55 is supposed to look like.  But I do know that the excitement and success of having this new business... Continue Reading »

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My New Favorites!

I’m just back from the AmericasMart Gift Show in Atlanta where we introduced a few new products and they are also my new favorites. Of course when you arrive at the party, the table is set.  Then for your second course, the plate is removed and there your have a surprise and a visit from Cyd in her butterfly. This is a tear off pad of 25 sheets. I wonder what the gals are talking about!  This is our new gift wrap that measures 22″x28″ and comes in rolls of 2 sheets.  I love this design because with the variation of so many drawings, one sheet can create several different package looks. Here I am posing with Marilyn.  She’s a... Continue Reading »

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A Little About Bernie

This whole venture is all about my mother and her immense talent, but when I was growing up, the artist that everyone looked up to wasn’t her.  It was my father, Bernard Glasgow.  He was a fine art painter whose work was exhibited at places like the Brooklyn Museum with the likes of Georgia O’Keefe. He was represented by 57th Street galleries in Manhattan.  Mom and Dad met at when they were taking classes at the Art Student’s League.  In those days, anyone who was serious about art went there.  Dad was a class favorite of teachers  Rico Le Brun and Jon Corbino.  He was a talent. Bernie was born in 1914 in the Bronx.   He couldn’t wait to... Continue Reading »

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