My Very Silent Partner Pt.1

A little more about Hilda.  As I’ve said on the site, she was born in 1913 in Brooklyn NY and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1933.  After that, she attended the famous Art Student’s League where she studied with some pretty heavy hitters of the time, Rico Le Brun, Jon Corbino and Bill McNulty.  There she met Bernie Glasgow and they married in 1938.  They were together for 52 years (47 of those married) until his death in 1986.

Mom always loved paper dolls.  For my friend’s birthday presents, she made large dolls about 2 feet tall with their clothes.  Alice of Alice in Wonderland was a favorite of hers.  She also made a beautiful folder for them.  Then came the late 1960’s and posters were in.  In fact, one entire wall of our dining room were posters of all sorts – Peter Max, anti-war, funny, serious, political. You name it. She started creating a poster series called “Cut-It-Outs”. The main girl figure was surrounded by her choice of costume.  There were several posters.  I remember Hippies, Native Costumes and First Ladies.  We took a trip to the Smithsonian for her research for the latter.  She stood in front of the displays and made her sketches. There were more, but memory fails me.  Here’s Carnival Fun. It’s the only mock up that survives.

Carnival Fun

Her next venture was a needlepoint business. More on that next time!


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  1. Sierra

    I still have my paper dolls from your mom!! They were amazingly enough one of the very few paper items that survived in my studio when it flooded this winter!


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