More Lovely Ladies and a New Surprise

There have been some recent additions to the collection.

Julia - a lady who lunches

Sam - doesnt' take no for an answer

Dot tries very hard to be chic, even when shopping at the market

Gigi - pearl earrings and a girdle. Need we say more?

Jackie -loves that she shares a name with the First Lady - and dresses accordingly

Sally - feels cute, but not sexy...yet

My surprise was a true surprise to me.  My friend Sheryl’s daughter Sierra was given a gift 30 years ago of paper dolls from my mother.  She had lovingly kept them all these years and had taken curator like care of them.  She has given them back so that I can photograph them and figure out how to use them.  There are 8 different dolls with 5-8 outfits each. And accessories.  Jon at Flavor Paper sees using them just like Colorforms (remember them?).  The kids will be able to move the dolls around on the wall and change the outfits too.  As these are all black and white, the kids will also be able to color them.  What do you think of this idea?  There are tons to photograph, so give me a little time and soon I will show them off.

And there are more fashion models to come.


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