Mom Watching Over

Mom looking over me

Mom and Liz c. 1960

I recently started a new partnership with a wonderful company called Just a Trace.  We had already collaborated on clear stamps and stencils of Mom’s drawings and now we are working together on all products, including our cards.   They recently sent me samples of the latter.  Everything is bright and happy, even the turquoise or shocking pink envelopes. I then turned over the card and there it was. The picture you see above.  It’s Mom and me at about age 2 in 1960 in our Manhattan apartment. I always loved this photo, but in seeing it in a different light, as a viewer of the card, I realized how symbolic it is.  There is Mom watching over me.  And there I am, focusing forward.  Kind of like how I feel about us now.  She will always be there with me, always helping me along.  Always inspiring me.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

And if you’re interested in seeing the new card line, here’s a peek:

Nell Card With Envelope

Nell c. 1964

Susanna Card with Envelope

Susanna c. 1964

Poppy Card with Envelope

Poppy c. 1963

Sandy Card With Envelope

Sandy c. 1957

I’d love to hear what you think of our new line. Remember, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for some really fun stuff!


2 thoughts on “Mom Watching Over

  1. Tisa

    Just love them, Liz–and that photo of you and your mom is sooooo cute! I pinned my favorite card to Pinterest, you can see which one it is here:
    I’m still selling vintage fashion ads on eBay (and jewelry ads on Etsy) and love to see which ones rise in popularity over the years. It’s often tied to which exhibit is being displayed at The Met 🙂 So happy when I get an email from you letting me know what you are up to with your mom’s art–her style is still so fresh & engaging, it’s easy to see why so many of us love it. Now where do I find those rubber stamps?!


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