I See Drawings Everywhere…

It’s an odd thing that happens when you are concentrating very hard on a specific subject, maybe it’s work project or a vacation destination or a boyfriend, and all you see in your daily life are reminders of that subject.  If you’re planning a trip to Paris, it’s all Paris all the time- in the newspaper, on tv, in shops. And isn’t it awful if you break up with a boyfriend to constantly see and hear his name everywhere. I have a friend whose brother had dated a now famous actress before she hit it big.  They broke up and shortly after, she had her big break.  He’d be walking on the street and a bus would go by with her face plastered on the side. Obviously an extreme example.  I’ve been having this experience with fashion illustration. No, I’m not seeing it on public transportation ads, but elsewhere in less dramatic venues.   I take it as a sign that I’m on a very good track.

My cousin Betty is a Senior Director at The New York Observer.  In my mind, if it’s new in New York, she will know about it.  When hearing about my new venture, she told me about an article in the NY Times a few months ago about fashion illustration making a comeback. “What a Lens Can’t Capture” by Ruth La Ferla. It seems that there is a resurgence in the use of fashion illustration as opposed to photography. To quote part of the article:

““Illustration is suddenly blossoming a little,” said Robert W. Richards, the curator of “The Line of Fashion,” an exhibition of fashion drawings last spring at the Society of Illustrators in Manhattan. The form’s stylized graphics and distinctive hand have drawn admirers.

Anyone with a cellphone camera can become a paparazzo of sorts, documenting the crowd at a fair like Basel, noted Laird Borrelli, the author of “Fashion Illustration by Fashion Designers.” “But an illustrator can capture its poetry, document its mood or energy — those are subtle things that evoke something more than mere attendance.””

Then my friend Janet called with good wishes for the site.  She had just seen an article in the August Issue of Town & Country by Julia Reed called Boxwood, A Love Story.  Photographed beautifully by Francesco Lagnese, the dressing room wall is covered with 7 large fashion illustrations.  My friend was so taken by this that she was in the process of looking into purchasing some for her own apartment.  When she found out that I had launched the site, she forwarded me the link to the piece.

So it’s all fashion illustration all the time these days. And that’s fine with me. Who every would have thought?

For links to the articles:


http://thelovelist.net/2010/07/miles-redd-strikes-again-down-south.html            (see the second to last photo)


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  1. mona walker

    Hi Liz,
    This is an amazing site, The White Cabinet is the perfect name, you have been so creative with the way you set it up and what you are offering. I love it that you included cousins, and family, ie Betty.
    Lots of success to you, with love,


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