Happy Birthday Hilda!

The big day is approaching. December 22.  It would have been her 97th.  Hilda was one of those babies who was born at holiday time.  She always wished she could have chosen a different time of year so that there would be a clear distinction between what is a birthday gift and a Hanukkah present.  It sounded like the two frequently got combined.  As a result, as an adult, she was sure to get two gifts for any child she knew who had the same problem.  She told me that it wasn’t about wanting the stuff.  It was about wanting the people she loved to not be lazy and do a two for one.  Although I’m willing to bet that as a kid it probably was about wanting the stuff…

She also shared her birthday with her older sister Toby, born 7 years earlier. Word has it that Toby announced that the baby ruined her birthday party, but in later years,  when they both lived at the retirement community, she was very proud of the fact.  I’m not so sure about Mom.  I remember on her 90th birthday, I was planning a party for her.  I assumed it was going to be for Toby ‘s 97th as well.  I said as much to Mom and she said “I always have to share my birthday with her!”.  I told her that after 90 years, maybe it was time to get over it.  We started laughing.  It was a great party.

For her birthday this year, I decided to give you guys a bit of a present.  On December 22, for just the one day, all orders will receive a 25% discount.  Just put in “happybirthday” as the promo code when you check out.  Having people enjoy her work as much as they’ve been telling me is the greatest gift I can imagine.  And I’ll accept those words on Hanukkah, Christmas, Ramadan, New Year’s and on my birthday too.

Thanks everyone for such a successful start to The White Cabinet.

Happy Holidays!


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