Happy 99th Mom

December 22, 1913 was the day Hilda came into this world as her sister Toby did 7 years earlier.  I’ve written before about the sibling rivalry regarding birthday time.  Mom was such a modern women that I forget sometimes that she was born at a time when the things we take for granted now, for good and bad, were just in there infancies.

Albert Einstein was working on his new Theory of Gravity.                                               Grand Central Station in NYC was opened .                                                                                   Cracker Jacks introduced prizes in their boxes.                                                                      The first sedan type car, a Hudson, goes on display at the 13th Auto Show in NYC.     The 16th Amendment is ratified allowing the government to collect income tax. (1%, by the way.)

The Armory Show introduces Picasso, Matisse and Duchamp to the American public.                                                                                                                                                      Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated President and gives the first presidential press conference.                                                                                                                                Cleveland establishes the first small claims court.                                                                The 17th amendment, requiring the direct election of senators, was ratified.           The Brooklyn Dodgers Ebbets Field opens.                                                                             Gideon Sundback of Hoboken patents the all purpose zipper.                                         The country of Albania is formed.                                                                                                Lincoln Highway opens as the 1st paved coast to coast highway.                                           Henry Ford institutes the moving assembly line.                                                                     The first modern elastic brassiere is patented by Mary Phelps Jacob.                               The first drive up gas station opens.                                                                                                  Charlie Chaplin begins his film career at Keystone Movies.

And on December 22, 1913, Hilda Richman Glasgow was born.

Happy Birthday Mom. I know you’re out there somewhere smiling!


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