Girls Girls Girls

They will come fast and furious now. They are breaking down the door of the white cabinet.  They want to be SEEN!  Fifty years is enough.  After all, when most of them were put away, Kennedy was president.  Gas was 31¢ a gallon.  A Macintosh was an apple and Google was for babies.  Yes, there were a few girls who had seen some hippies and peace signs later into the sixties and a couple who had to deal with the pantsuits of the seventies, but for the most part, these ladies didn’t get to witness the women’s and civil rights movements, the technology revolution, space travel, microwave ovens and push up bras.  It’s a whole new world.  Think of it. No more girdle armor.  Welcome to Spanx.

So here are the latest six.

Greta c.1947

Rosemary c. 1958

Toby c.1958

Coco c.1963

Terry c.1964

Anna c.1971

Like I said, pantsuits… enough said.

So welcome ladies.  Join the gym. Drink some bottled water.  Have a facelift.  This is 2011.


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