Everyday is Mother’s Day for Me

Mom and Me circa 1992

Mom married Bernie Glasgow in 1938.  She was 25.  Dad was a painter and it was decided that they weren’t going to have kids.  She was fine with this. They had a great life together, enjoying work,  travel, friends and family.  But after almost 20 years, she decided she had changed her mind and I guess Dad agreed.  She was about 44 and had trouble conceiving. They went through all the tests available in 1957.  Not much more could be done.  So, just like she always did, she looked forward to a different adventure.  They bought a car and were planning a trip to Mexico and then… You know the rest. I was born August 4, 1958 and she was turning 45 in December.  I asked her if she ever had reservations about having a child so late in life, and a first child at that.  She said no.  She just knew it was going to be fine.  And it was. More than fine.

This whole experience of The White Cabinet has been an ode to my Mom.  How I miss her.  Thank you everyone for your comments, encouragement and memories of your own mothers.  Some people have told me that my story has inspired them to honor their Mom’s in their own way. I never thought that this would affect so many people.  It’s extraordinary.  Now onward to year 3 of this amazing journey.  I can’t imagine what lies ahead.


11 thoughts on “Everyday is Mother’s Day for Me

  1. Valerie

    Love you Liz…and know I would’ve loved your mom as well. You are making her proud every day, and I KNOW she is guiding you along the path. It’s just wonderful, magical, perfect.

  2. Ellen Dioguardi

    Liz it tickles me that you’ve done this with your moms work – your eye, your talent, her talent combining at this point in time…. so wonderful. One of the things I miss about being in Real Estate is I felt every day that I used lessons I’d learned from my mom, that her experience truly informed what I knew about my job. I miss that. Keep going!

  3. Justine Limpus Parish

    My mother was also a fashion illustrator in NYC in the 50’s, and took classes at the Art students league. Maybe they knew each other. My mother recently passed away at age 103. I also did a Blog post on her. https://justinelimpusparish.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/a-lifetime-in-fashion-illustration-geneva-r-lawrence-1909-2012/. She taught me how to do those furs in ink wash when I was a kid. We went on painting trips together every summer when she was in her 90’s. I miss who she was! Love seeing you mother’s work too.

  4. Liz Glasgow

    Wow Justine! I bet they knew each other. I’m going to ask a family friend/former model if she remembers your mom. Mom was born in 1913, so they were about the same age. She also did work for DiPinna’s, A&S and Altmans as well. Have you done anything with her drawings? I’d love to hear more about your experiences.


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