Earthquake and The White Cabinet

Just when I was having a bit of difficulty coming up with this weeks blog,  the earthquake hit. I was sitting at my desk, looking into a blank page on a computer screen, editing and the re-editing my post, when the house started swaying.  I live at the very end of Long Island, NY, near the Hamptons.  This is beautiful part of Long Island that is comprised of farms, vineyards and beach for the most part. At first, I thought it was my imagination.  I looked at my cup of coffee, the first that I had had in about a year since hot flashes had started (btw, eliminating caffeine does help) and thought that I had the jitters.  I was feeling a bit disoriented.  And then I heard The White Cabinet (now it must be written with the first letter in caps.  After all, it is THE white cabinet).  It talks! The steel doors had been open and they were squeaking. I looked and yes, they were moving.  As our house is about 100 years old, I was worried that the boiler had blown up or a support beam had given way.  I got the dogs and went outside and got a call from my husband who works at Brookhaven National Lab.  He said we had an earthquake which meant that our house wasn’t falling apart.  What a relief!  So now in addition to The White Cabinet being the home of Mom’s beautiful drawings, a symbol of her life’s work, and a booming business, it has a new title – Earthquake Indicator.

A mundane little blog, I know.  But a bit of fun anyway.


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