A 1960’s Afternoon

Very occasionally mom would bring me along to a client.  I have a distinctive memory of a trip to Coates and Clark, a company that made yarn and sewing materials.  Her drawings appeared in their ads. I think their offices were on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.  I must have only been about 4 years old, but I remember feeling very excited to go with her. We walked over to Fifth and took the bus downtown.   Up in the elevator we went to what seemed like a high floor and there was a beautiful view of the city.  She must have had a meeting as I was seated with the secretary, who gave me a basket full of yarn and thread spindles to play with. I really do remember all the beautiful colors and the softness.  I sat there happily on the floor picking thru the basket.  Mom came out all smiles, chatting away with everyone. They gave me some pretty colored buttons as a little present.  I was always loved colorful things. Guess you figured that out already.

Our next stop was Schafft’s for lunch.  Does anyone out there remember Schrafft’s?  I loved their tuna sandwiches and coffee ice cream.  We were The Ladies Who Lunch.  Last stop was Best & Co.. I had quite the wardrobe. More on that at another time.

Looking back, I wonder why she thought to bring me along to a client.  Did the babysitter cancel? Did she get a last minute phone call from the company?  An emergency fashion illustration needed!  Or maybe she just wanted to show me off.  She had me at age 45 in 1958, unusually late for the time.  She was very proud of this and not shy to tell people.

It was a beautiful day. We walked out of Best, she put on her white gloves, took my hand and we walked home up Fifth Avenue.

I do love New York…


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  1. Diana

    Hi, my name is Diana and I do remember Schraffts my father was a manager there and once they closed we got to keep dishes and silverware which was really cool. My favorite memories are being there and being able to get my own ice cream .


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